Travel preferences help us to provide you with better matches. If you are a car owner we will create your drives daily based on your travel preferences.

  1. Tap on the top left corner menu button (Hamburger button in Android and Profile Image oval in iOS mobiles)

  2. Tap on the Profile.

  3. Tap on the ‘Your Travel Preferences’

  4. Tap on ‘Home Address’ to set your home address.

  5. Tap on Office Address’ to set your office address.

  6. Choose how you want to use Zify / Mode Selection : as a Rider/Car Owner.

    • Mode selection can be changed anytime later.

  7. Select Start time i.e time at which you leave your HOME to Office and Return time i.e time at which you leave your WORK to Office.

  8. Select Route: Home-Office and Office-Home. You can use the route of your choice from the map.

(Note: This option is only available to the car owner)

  1. Tap on ‘Save’ to save your travel preferences.